I am currently working full-time as an iOS developer at Navdy.com

Recent Work


Keycash is an iOS custom keyboard that allows you to create payment requests almost anywhere you can type.


Memstash is a tool that uses intermittent reptition to allow you memorize anything from the web. Select a piece of text or an image and use the javascript bookmarklet to get scheduled reminders. Two others (BC & Sina) and I built this at Techcrunch Disrupt.

  • Techrunch Evernote Prize Winner

Update (6/6/15): I have added an iOS/Watch application + Chrome extension.

Style Hunt (ShopOrNot)

My current project and first publicly released iOS app. I spent a while developing this shopping application from the ground up. After continued usage, ShopOrNot develops a style profile for the user and provides them with recommendations.

Please get in touch, if you want to discuss anything.